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Welcome to my website.

I am a holistic therapist, having qualified in Holistic Massage in 2003 (ITEC), and Aromatherapy (IFPA) in 2017. I am also certified in Advanced Aromatherapy for use in clinical and cancer care.

I believe that both massage and aromatherapy have fantastic abilities to help the body to heal.

Massage stimulates circulation within the body, which in turn speeds up the elimination of waste and the replenishment of oxygen and vital nutrients. It is also a deeply relaxing treatment, which in our modern lifestyle is more important than ever, as we build up stress rushing from one task to the next, often forgetting to give our body and our mind a well-deserved break. Without relaxation, stress and tension build up within the body, leading to physical aches and pains and over time to more serious health issues.


When you first come to me for a treatment, I will discuss your individual requirements with you, which will help us to decide on the ideal treatment for you – whether it be a full body, deeply relaxing massage; or a deep tissue back, neck and shoulder treatment, to loosen stiff muscles and ease localized aches and pains; or a foot massage which can stimulate the body through the reflexes in the foot, without the need to remove any clothing and which is also suitable if you have more limited mobility.


Treatments include Full Body Massage; Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage; Foot Reflex Massage.


Personalised facial treatments, tailored to your personal skin requirements, incorporating both massage and aromatherapy for a superior treatment.