Aromatherapy can be incorporated into a massage treatment, or it can be done as a standalone treatment.

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils, which have been described as ‘the heart and soul of the plant’1 or ‘the life force and the energy of the plant’2

1                     Jean Rose

2                     Lavabre

There are many essential oils in existence, with each having different characteristics and attributes. I strive to ensure I only use the best quality oils that I can get, organic where possible.

For an aromatherapy treatment, I will first go through a consultation with you, to determine which are the most suitable essential oils for you, and what is the best method of using the essential oils for you (this could be inhalation, topical application (diluted in a suitable manner – I never apply essential oils directly to the skin – they are far too potent to be used in this way! I will also never give you essential oils to be taken orally – again this is definitely not recommended!), in a massage, in a vaporiser, to be added into a bath, etc – there are many safe and beneficial ways to administer essential oils.

I will also ask you to take a patch test before a full treatment, if you suffer from sensitive skin or in certain other cases.